Academic papers on RFID

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Author: Lindqvist, Peter
Content: This thesis discusses radio frequency identications (RFID) and its applications in hospital environment. RFID technology opens up possibilities to construct novel intelligent systems for monitoring and tracking purposes. Tracking systems can collect data on daily processes and care routines and this information can be used both for quality control and for improving care processes and logistics. The work consists of a literature review and an applied systems design. The literature …
Publisher: Helsinki University of Technology
Published: 2006-09-12
Language: en
Format: PDF – 2,98 MB
Author: Samuel Fosso Wamba ; Louis A. Lefebvre ; Elisabeth Lefebvre
Content: This article introduces RFID technology and the EPC Network and investigates their potential for B-to-B eCommerce supply chain management. Based on empirical data gathered from four tightly interrelated firms from three layers of a supply chain, several scenarios integrating RFID and the EPC Network have been tested and evaluated. In the context of warehousing activities in one specific retail supply chain, the results indicate that i) the business process approach seems quite …
Publisher: JOTMI Research Group
Published: 2007
Language: en
Format: PDF – 370 KB
Author: Drauz, Ralf ; Handel, Daniel
Content: Impacts of RFID on the Information Exchange in a Retail Supply Chain ; Växjö University, Sweden ; information exchange ; supply chain ; RFID
Publisher: Växjö University, Sweden
Published: 2007-02-12
Language: en
Format: PDF – 973 KB
Author: Haver, Torstein
Content: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a very versatile technology. It has the potential to increase the efficiency of many common applications and is thus becoming increasingly popular. The main drawback is that the general principles the technology is built on are very vulnerable to attack. The ID imbedded in every chip combined with the openness of the radio interface exposes the users to tracking. As additional sensitive information may be stored on the tags, the user may …
Publisher: NTNU, Norway
Published: 2006
Language: en
Format: PDF – 1,21 MB
Author: Michael, K. ; McCathie, L.
Content: This paper presents the pros and cons of using radio-frequency identification (RFID) in supply chain management (SCM). While RFID has a greater number of benefits than its predecessor, the bar code, it currently comes at a price that many businesses still consider prohibitive. On the one hand, RFID is advantageous because it does not require line-of-sight scanning, it acts to reduce labor levels, enhances visibility, and improves inventory management. On the other hand, RFID is …
Publisher: Research Online
Published: 2005-07-11
Language: en
Format: PDF – 149 KB
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